9 Best Cures for Fighting Depression Naturally

– Reduce your dependence on medications with these natural depression treatments If you’ve struggled with depression for any length of time, you know how debilitating it can be. But taking conventional pharmaceutical drugs to treat depression can also be problematic, especially when you consider side effects like drowsiness and lack of libido. Thankfully, there are […]

8 Ways to Fight Allergies Naturally and Without Drugs

Keep itchy eyes and running nose at bay with natural allergy remedies.

The 14 Best Natural Herbal Remedies

—-Know The Herbal Plants Usable For Treatment Nowadays, when people are more in favor of using natural ingredients instead of chemical products, natural herbal remedies are going well into their favor. Nevertheless, this trend has already hit the western market several years back but oriental people are using natural herbal remedies for a very long […]

7 Home Remedies For Preventing & Treating Acne!

Want to get rid of chronic acne? Turn to these 7 home remedies for treating acne.

8 Benefits of Consuming Fish Oils

-Add some magic to your nutritional plan with fish oils!

7 Picturesque Healing Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

Find out how your eating habits may help to heal you.

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  • soft belly meditation

    Soft Belly Meditation – What and how?

    Soft Belly meditation is one of the most effective ways to treat anxiety and panic attacks. The “knots” of tension or the churning feeling in the stomach can be alleviated with the right procedure of soft belly meditation. In this form of exercise you will eventually feel relaxed, peaceful, calm and easy in the abdominal […]

  • anxiety be treated with kinesiology

    How can Anxiety be Treated with Kinesiology?

    The study of human movement is called Kinesiology and is commonly known as human kinetics. This study helps us to understand the reasons and mechanisms behind various human movements and also helps to cure problems like anxiety, psychological disturbance, mental strength, and so on. Anxiety is also a psychological condition where you may feel restless […]

  • iridology to find health imbalances

    Use Iridology to Find Health Imbalances

    As kids when your parents took you to the doctor, you may remember how he used to check your eyes. You may have wondered what the doctor found in your eyes that helped him to diagnose what was wrong with you. Well, actually our eyes speak volumes not just about what our mental state is […]

  • know about your chi type

    How to know about your Chi Type

    Martial Arts believers say that the instinctive human power is derived from style of controlling your Chi. Chi is actually the energy that is on the verge of materializing to life force. According to the Eastern philosophy, Chi when accumulates together forms life and when it subsides – the body dies. This is a Chinese […]

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    5 Weight Loss Benefits of Tai Chi

    Tai Chi sure has several benefits and is considered to be as advantageous as Yoga. But does this science of flowing movements and graceful poses also results in weight loss? Well, the answer is yes. Tai Chi should be made an essential part of your weight loss regime as it not only helps you burn […]

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