9 Best Cures for Fighting Depression Naturally

– Reduce your dependence on medications with these natural depression treatments If you’ve struggled with depression for any length of time, you know how debilitating it can be. But taking conventional pharmaceutical drugs to treat depression can also be problematic, especially when you consider side effects like drowsiness and lack of libido. Thankfully, there are […]

8 Ways to Fight Allergies Naturally and Without Drugs

Keep itchy eyes and running nose at bay with natural allergy remedies.

The 14 Best Natural Herbal Remedies

—-Know The Herbal Plants Usable For Treatment Nowadays, when people are more in favor of using natural ingredients instead of chemical products, natural herbal remedies are going well into their favor. Nevertheless, this trend has already hit the western market several years back but oriental people are using natural herbal remedies for a very long […]

7 Home Remedies For Preventing & Treating Acne!

Want to get rid of chronic acne? Turn to these 7 home remedies for treating acne.

8 Benefits of Consuming Fish Oils

-Add some magic to your nutritional plan with fish oils!

7 Picturesque Healing Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

Find out how your eating habits may help to heal you.

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  • benefits of bhringraj oil

    The Top 5 Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

    Bhringraj which is also known as karisalankanni in Tamil is a plant which is known for creation of bhringraj oil. This oil is mainly used as hair oil but also offers many other uses and benefits. It can be used for treatment of skin issues, anemia and many other conditions.  Not only can this oil […]

  • steam shower aromatherapy

    Everything you Need to Know about Steam Shower Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is a process or thereupatic procedure which takes advantage of how scents affect the mind and body and what kinds of benefits it can provide to us.  This process has been in practice from ancient times and is still practiced widely.  This therapy is mostly done using essential oils which are derived from plant […]

  • laser acupuncture therapy

    A Complete Guide to Laser Acupuncture Therapy

    When the method of acupuncture is combined with laser technology, then the resultant treatment or process is known as laser acupuncture therapy. This is a kind of a therapy that uses low energy laser beams rather than the traditionally used acupuncture needles with the aim of influencing the flow of current at the points of […]

  • comparison between acupressure and reflexology

    The Various Points of Comparison Between Acupressure and Reflexology

    Reflexology and acupressure are both pressure point bodywork modalities but are different from one another. They are both ancient practices that were used by our ancestors as body touch forms of healing but are still widely used in many cultures and countries.  A lot of people cannot tell the differences between the two and confuse […]

  • homeopathy remedies for shingles

    Effective Homeopathy Remedies for Shingles

    Shingles, popularly known as Herpes zoster is a painful viral infection which is followed by blistering rash that generally appears on one side of the body. Though it usually affects adults but the younger people can also be affected by this infection. Shingles carries the chicken pox virus. Usually when a child recovers from chicken […]

  • feng shui tips to follow for good health

    5 Important Feng Shui Tips to Follow For Good Health

    Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system that aims to harmonize lives with the natural environment in metaphoric expressions like “invisible forces” is now being believed and used widely all across the globe. People have found faith, realism and positive effects by following Feng Shui tips for work, love, life, career and even health. Many people […]

  • differences between complementary medicine and alternative medicine

    The Differences Between Complementary Medicine and Alternative Medicine

    Complementary and alternative medicines are those treatments that are explicitly used for medical intervention, disease prevention or health promotion. This is a category of medicine that includes a wide range of approach for treating problems that falls well outside the scope of conventional medicine. These practices are becoming very popular and doctors are embracing such […]

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