9 Best Cures for Fighting Depression Naturally

– Reduce your dependence on medications with these natural depression treatments If you’ve struggled with depression for any length of time, you know how debilitating it can be. But taking conventional pharmaceutical drugs to treat depression can also be problematic, especially when you consider side effects like drowsiness and lack of libido. Thankfully, there are […]

8 Ways to Fight Allergies Naturally and Without Drugs

Keep itchy eyes and running nose at bay with natural allergy remedies.

The 14 Best Natural Herbal Remedies

—-Know The Herbal Plants Usable For Treatment Nowadays, when people are more in favor of using natural ingredients instead of chemical products, natural herbal remedies are going well into their favor. Nevertheless, this trend has already hit the western market several years back but oriental people are using natural herbal remedies for a very long […]

7 Home Remedies For Preventing & Treating Acne!

Want to get rid of chronic acne? Turn to these 7 home remedies for treating acne.

8 Benefits of Consuming Fish Oils

-Add some magic to your nutritional plan with fish oils!

7 Picturesque Healing Spices You Should Have in Your Pantry

Find out how your eating habits may help to heal you.

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    The Incredible Health Benefits of Tai Chi Ball

    Tai Chi Ball is a Chinese type of a workout method which was earlier used by warriors to prepare for fights and battles. Tai Chi ball is an energy ball which helps to develop an awareness of energy and skill in working with energy and has several health benefits. Use of the ball in physical […]

  • myths and misconceptions about hypnosis

    Myths and Misconceptions about Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a state of psychology which is similar to sleep but has a different level of awareness when compared to the conscious state. Due to the portrayal of hypnosis in media and television, many people tend to have several types of myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. The following are some of the common myths […]

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    7 Tips to Use Fengshui in your Bedroom

    Feng Shui is a practice that is not only valid for your living room or the entrance of the house but also for your bedroom. A Feng Shui friendly bedroom is one which has a harmonious flow of energy and is exciting and inviting in nature. If you are interested in making your bedroom Feng […]

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    Chiropractic Care for Slipped Disc

    Slipped disc or herniated disc is a condition in which the cushion between the vertebrae of the spine ruptures or splits. Slipped disc may occur due to natural degeneration which happens as the discs become brittle and dehydrated. There are certain ways to treat this condition and one of them is to go the chiropractic […]

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    The Points of Comparison between Homeopathy and Allopathy

    There has always been a debate whether allopathic treatment methods of the modern age are more beneficial or are the natural homeopathic treatment ways more reliable. The goal of healing the sick is the same in both these groups of treatment, but there is a strong contrast in the methods use, the ideology behind the […]

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    Top 10 Feng Shui Tips to Follow

    Feng Shui is an age old practice which promotes simple, useful and practical ways to create your home in such a way that it will bring you luck, happiness and success. Feng Shui is a system which claims to enhance lives by suggesting some changes in positions, appearance and angles of items placed in your […]

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