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Can Hypnosis Aid Asthma Patients?

This post speaks about using hypnosis in helping children suffering from asthma. Ran D. Anbar, MD, Professor of Pediatrics at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York recommends that hypnosis could be a possible treatment for children who live with asthma. The recommendation was in respect of those children whose asthma symptoms have a […]

Zinc - Much More Than Acne Treatment

Zinc – Much More Than Acne Treatment

Acne is an annoying issue of the hormonal imbalance of the body. Not only young teenagers, but also people who live under stress suffer from this skin disease. There are important things to take note for acne treatment. First, it is important to know what cause this skin abnormality. Researchers found that the hormonal imbalance […]


Chrysanthemum Extract For Cancer?

Chinese researchers have stumbled upon a new, natural antidote to cancer. We have known for a while the healing properties of chrysanthemum and now it may just be good for yet another. This commonly grown flower has shown “antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunodulatory, and neuroprotective effects,” according to the Chinese research which found some success in treating […]

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is, as the name suggests used to ‘rescue’ a person in an emergency situation and it works fairly quickly. This remedy is usually a combination of 5 different remedies, i.e. Rock rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum remedies. The Rescue Remedy is actually a brand name and […]


In Defense Of Homeopathy

The Huffington Post recently published an article refreshingly supportive of Homeopathy, a discipline often maligned by the conventional medical community in general, and the so called upholders of science in particular. The article seeks to dispel several myths that are sought to be perpetuated about homeopathy by the ‘skeptics’. Using homeopathy does not preclude use […]

mediterranean diet

Mediterranean Diet Can Lower Alzheimer’s Risk And Do A Whole Lot Besides

The Mediterranean diet is defined as a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of poor coastal regions of southern Italy, Crete, and coastal Greece in the 1960s. It includes: abundant plant foods, fresh fruit as the typical daily dessert, olive oil as the principal source of fat, dairy products (principally cheese and […]

The Dark Chocolate Increases The Attention Span

The Dark Chocolate Increases The Attention Span

Chocolate is one of the most consumed foods around the world. Not only for the irresistible and rich flavour it has but also the health benefits one could gain from munching a bar of chocolate. An experiment was made with specific participants given dark, milk and white chocolates on a daily basis within a specific […]

5 Alternatives To Conventional Medications To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

5 Alternatives To Conventional Medications To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

Here are a few holistic methods to keep one’s blood pressure in check: Eat healthy, keep weight in check: This one is a no bariner that can be recommended for pretty much any ailment! Beat that Stress: Learn relaxation techniques such as Yoga, meditation, massage, music therapy, which could all be useful. Magnet therapy: Copper […]