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gastric band hypnosis

What Is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Gastric Band hypnosis is a much discussed topic and there is much curiosity about it currently. So what really is gastric band hypnosis? In this procedure, the subconscious mind, in a state of hypnosis, is made to believe that gastric banding surgery has taken place. In other words the mind is tricked into believing that […]

traditional chinese medicine

Tai Chi For Fibromyalgia, Chinese Medicine For Cancer

Alternative treatments are now increasingly able to target and treat specific illnesses and conditions, either in conjunction with mainstream treatments or by themselves. According to this report, researchers have found that traditional Chinese medicine can increase effectiveness of cancer treatment. Huang Qin Tang is a formulation containing roots, fruit and other plant extracts that has […]

lymphatic massage

Top 10 Benefits Of Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a form of therapy which was created to encourage healthy lymph nodes through massage. The lymph nodes are crucial to one’s immune system, because through it passes a liquid that protects the body from viruses and other infections. It was developed in the 1930’s and has long been recognized as a very […]

herbal supplements

Herbal Supplements For Good Health

Herbal supplements are fast becoming an alternative to achieve a healthy life. Many people use herbal supplements to treat health conditions as well as promote the well being of the user. With this emerging trend, there are a number of herbal supplements available in the market which claims of a good number of health benefits. […]

green tea

Green Tea For Good Teeth?

Green tea, as you well know, is known to be good for a wide array of health benefits – from improving heart health to treating cancer, from preventing infection to improving immune function and even helping treat cancer! Now recently scientists have found that green tea is even good for our teeth! Not just does […]

alternative treatments for cancer

Mind-Body Treatments For Cancer

The National Cancer Institute site has put together a list of the alternative treatments for cancer that include mind and body wellness. The treatments outlines include: Aroma therapy and essential oils – This has been seen to improve the quality of life for cancer patients using essential oils from plants, herbs, trees and flowers. This […]

natural therapies

Turn To Natural Therapies To Treat Your Ailments Naturally

It is common, in these modern times, how people search for everything natural that can go well with their daily lifestyle as a human being. The awareness of natural concepts has been a growing demand by millions worldwide. People have flocked to everything natural including food, lifestyle, home living, and even natural therapies. The definition […]

hemorrhoid remedies

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

Hemorrhoids are both painful and embarrassing, and there are remedies available for hemorrhoids that will help to manage the pain or try and get to the root of the problem and remove it. Some natural remedies for hemorrhoids are: Application of ice to the affected portion for several minutes each day will help shrink the […]