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How Yoga Helps To Perk Up Sex Life?

If you thought Yoga was all about new age meditation, think again. There a number of reasons why yoga leads to hotter sex, such as – Yoga promotes flexibility and having a more flexible body and limbs means a whole lot of more options in bed.  Better flexibility also means better direct stimulation of certain […]

tai chi

Tai Chi? Why Not!

A recent New York Times article speaks about the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi and extols the virtues of this practice as a stress relieving and health enhancing means. There are so many benefits that one can reap from the graceful, dancelike, meditative poses of Tai chi exercise, that it isn’t a question […]


Tips To Integrate Chromotherapy Into Everyday Life

Simply put, Color Therapy (Chromotherapy or Cromatherapy as it is also known), is the proper way of using color to balance energy, and to redress any physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental aspect of life that is not in balance. Though the scientific basis for the claims made by color therapists have been challenged from time […]

natural stress buster

How Exercise Is A Natural Stress Buster?

Any one of us who has experienced stress knows how debilitating and harmful stress can be. So how can you manage and lower stress levels, without using drugs and reaping the benefits? By getting active and fitting exercise into your routine. Any sort of exercise can help with lowering stress because – Exercise helps the […]


Naturopath Speaks About Skepticism And Opposition

It is a familiar story – an alternative or complementary practitioner such as naturopath, treats people, helping them overcome their health issues, earning their gratitude in the process, but at the same time continues to face skepticism and opposition from the nay sayers. Whereas hospitals continue to be the cause of deaths either because of […]

Alternative Cancer Treatments That Deliver Results

Cancer is one of the sicknesses that can be considered as one of the constants in this world. There are millions that suffer from this disease and yet millions are still being diagnosed even more as the days go by. Perhaps we can call it genetics, and some even say that it just comes out […]

yoga for allergy

Fall Allergy Relief With Yoga

Hay fever and other allergic reactions are widespread with fall in the air and ragweed pollen being rife. One answer to the coughs and runny noses and sniffles could be certain breathing exercises and yoga for allergies.  While this is not an instant fix, regular practice could well offer relief – Kapalbhati Pranayam: This consists […]

Holistic Therapies For Spotless Face In No Time

The most common cause of worry in women is the presence of the annoying red spots on their faces, also known as acne. There are many options for treatment, but when it concerns the face which is considered as the most sensitive region of the body, it is a must to stick with natural remedies […]