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alternative medicine

The Eternal Alternative Medicine Debate

It is a debate that has been raging from the time that Penicillin was first invented – whether introducing chemicals into the system of the body is actually capable of healing or is only able to provide symptomatic relief; in other words instant gratification? And in spite of the great strides that have been made […]

cosmetic surgery

The Eye Of The Beholder

It is very rare to find someone who does not want to change at least one thing about their appearance. Your nose is too big, your breasts are too small, you have flabby thighs, and the list goes on. There was a time when cosmetic surgery was something to be ashamed of, but in this […]

indian head massage

The Art Of The Indian Head Massage

The Indian head massage is part of the Ayurvedic School of healing and relaxation that was founded in India several thousand years ago. It is today, one of the most popular types of massages used in Asia, also commonly practiced by hairdressers and masseurs, to help their clients combat tension and stress. It has also […]

hypnosis therapy to lose weight

Hypnotherapists Help One Another Lose Weight

It is unlikely that the creators of Skype ever visualized what all their invention would come to mean for people around the world, and the many different applications it could well be used for – apparently hypnotherapists hypnotizing one another to help lose weight by connecting on Skype is one of those uses! The story […]

yoga pose

Yoga Good For Combating Cancer To Addiction

We constantly hear about Yoga being excellent for health, both physical as well as mental. It is known to strengthen the body, improve balance, enhance the body’s immune system, improve flexibility and also help in relaxation and concentration of the mind. And the evidence of yoga being excellent for health is not merely anecdotal; increasingly […]

asthma using hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Can Help With Asthma

According to Dr Mahavash Agah, she and her team at her hypnotherapy clinic have had quite significant success in dealing with asthma using hypnotherapy. The reason why hypnotherapy can help in dealing with asthma is because asthma is known to be a psychosomatic disorder which can have emotional triggers, apart from merely physiological and physical […]


The Power Of Medicinal Herbs In Losing Weight

It is astonishing to recognize that during this era when technology is at its best, there are people who would still opt for the conventional method of doing things. Take for example the case of those fellows who are admirers of what medicinal herbs can do to their well-being. This belief of using medicinal herbs […]

saliva heals

Can Saliva Really Help Heal?

We have all seen a pet repeatedly and even obsessively lick a wound, burn, or other injury, and probably understand that this is done to enable the animal to heal itself, due to the healing properties in the saliva. So is the same true for humans? Should we also be using saliva to help heal? […]