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Music Therapy

Music Therapy, Acupuncture for Pain Management

There may be many that pooh-pooh the possible benefits of music therapy, however a recent study carried out at the University of Granada may cause the nay sayers to revise their views. In the study, not only was it seen that music therapy relieves fibromyalgia pain, it was also seen to improve life quality when […]


Know the Wonderful Benefits of Hypnosis for Children

Children are often better candidates for hypnosis than adults. Hypnosis for children can deal with problems such as anxiety, pain, asthma, insomnia and bed wetting. Research showed that children respond to hypnotic suggestions more quickly when compared to adults as they are more in touch with their imaginations. Children above 5 years of age can […]

Natural Herbal Remedies

The 14 Best Natural Herbal Remedies

—-Know The Herbal Plants Usable For Treatment Nowadays, when people are more in favor of using natural ingredients instead of chemical products, natural herbal remedies are going well into their favor. Nevertheless, this trend has already hit the western market several years back but oriental people are using natural herbal remedies for a very long […]

Alfalafa Sprouts

How to Fight Cancer with Herbs?

By Tracey A. Planinz, PhD Cancer is defined as an overgrowth of unhealthy or mutated cells. Conventional medical treatment for cancer includes chemotherapy and surgery. However, many natural remedies have been shown to fight cancer and protect the body from further free radical damage. Check with your health care practitioner before trying herbal remedies, and […]

Practice Yoga With Injuries

Can I Practice Yoga With Injuries?

By Tracey A.Planinz, PhD Yoga is a time-honored approach to over-all health and fitness. However, while traditional Hatha yoga is considered a gentle form of exercise, there are some postures that should still be avoided with certain injuries. Follow the tips below to avoid further injury and get the most out of yoga practice during […]


Moxibustion Techniques to Reinforce Blood and Stimulate Energy Flow

Moxibustion is a form of fire heat treatment that stimulates certain acupuncture points. This technique uses the herb called mugwort. The main aim of moxibustion techniques is to strengthen the blood and stimulate the energy flow. There are various types of moxibustion techniques such as: Direct moxibustion: During this technique, a piece of cone shaped […]