Acupressure Or Getting Well Through Magical Touch

accupressureThe acupressure is an ancient science originated from China, whose technique is based on the same principles as acupuncture but implies the pressure of fingers in the specific areas instead of piercing it with needles. This is a method that allows accessing and freeing the energy centers that are blocked or clogged.

The massage therapy using acupressure stimulates and activates the body energies and channels them towards fighting against the problems of hormonal unbalance.

Acupressure can help healing health problems like too high or too low blood pressure, stress, suffering and pain, arthritis and muscular cramps. It can also help the body regenerate from different illnesses.

The purpose of this medical practice is to stimulate the regenerating powers of the organism through the stimulation of certain key points that can be found in the body. The stimulation identifies the toxicity accumulated inside the muscular tissue and destroys it through the release of the energy. It comes as a great help in affections of the blood and lymphatic systems.

It is a known fact that the activity of these systems influences the pressure in the internal organs that is why acupressure is known to influence the healing of many body problems.

The acupressure is in many occasions seen as a traditional massage. The key points on the body are massaged with pressure using the fingers, and mostly the thumb, in circulatory movements and the massage lasts between 5 and 15 minutes.