Acupressure Points to Provide Relief from Different Body Problems!

Acupressure, using acupressure points, follows the similar technique as that of acupuncture, which uses acupuncture points.

On the acupuncture point or whole body, firm and steady pressure is applied physically with the help of your elbow, hand or any other device called as the acupressure.

Acupressure pointYou should rub rapidly on acupressure point, as these points will affect the remaining parts and hence help them to stimulate.

Acupressure Points For Different Ailments

Acupressure points for alleviating from depression:

With the help of acupressure points, you can alleviate your physical symptoms and attain decrease in depression. You will get depression when you suppress some emotions such as guilt or anger. In this situation, you can release them through the anti-depression acupressure points. These hidden feelings can be easily understood when you free them to reach the surface.

Acupressure points on the head for giving relief from head ache:

The acupressure points which are present on the top of your head are posterior summit point, one hundred meeting point and anterior summit point. You can get relief from headaches, memory lapses and depression by pressing these three points.

For getting relief, you have to begin applying pressure from the middle point. Keep your thumb of left hand on the apex of left ear and right hand thumb at the apex of right ear. Then bring your finger tips towards the apex of the head and feel that it is hollow near the zenith center of your head.

Acupressure points for your mind:

acupressure pointsSome of the acupressure points are located underneath of your muscle groups.

Acupressure point present near bone structure lie in an indentation, muscular points lie within the muscular cord, an indentation, band or tie of tension. You can get insight into each point’s location or its benefits with the descriptions of the acupuncture point name.

You can use acupressure point name as the powerful tool for meditation. You can realize the complete potential power by pressing a point noiselessly, repeating name and by deep breathing.

By breathing deeply and by holding the deep energy points in your lower side of back, you can visualize that each breath replenishes your deep pool of vitality. To heal and strengthen your lower back, you must use the power of mind.

Commanding action statements will increase benefits of these points by creating confirmation through the names of points. For example: When you are breathing deeply, you should hold your letting go points which are present on the outer, upper chest with finger tips.

After holding finger tips on your chest, you should imagine yourself that your frustration, stress and tension are going. You should repeat to yourself that you are now letting go all of irritability and negativity. This is possible only when you hold and breathe into these points.

Acupressure points are present in every part of your body, use them for curing different body problems.