Losing Weight Through Acupressure

Losing weight can be such an ordeal for many people.

No matter how many diet programs they have followed to the long, grueling hours in the gym, somehow the weight just won’t seem to come off.

Are you looking for any alternative ways to lose weight? Alternative methods such as detoxification and the use of acupressure [Acupressure Points] help lose those extra pounds and keep them off for good.

How does acupressure help lose weight?

There are certain pressure points in the body that are responsible in regulating your appetite and eating habits. One of the biggest problems faced by you while trying to lose weight is the tendency to have sudden bursts of hunger and cravings.

This is usually brought about by the fact that you not only have to avoid certain foods because most diet programs are made to make you eat less in order for the body to burn up stored fat, there are instances when you on a diet still feel hungry.

By stimulating appetite pressure points located in the fleshy portion protruding from your ear (the one that looks like a little flap), the acupressure practitioner is then able to regulate your appetite. This makes you less hungry and less prone to overeating.

This is then followed by activating the different pressure points located on your shinbone area. These pressure points stimulate the different organs of your digestive system to ensure that they are in perfect condition. By being able to digest food more effectively, you eventually feel full faster, even if you did not consume that much food.


The great thing about using acupressure to lose weight is that you can do it without the need of a specially-trained practitioner. There are a number of resources that are located over the Internet that would guide you in the steps on how to do acupressure on yourself wherever you may be.