Acupuncture Gaining Credibility For Pain Relief

Many dismiss acupuncture as new age mumbo jumbo, but increasingly the scientific community is recognizing the soundness of age old practices and their efficacy is keeping up healthy as well as curing disease.

In a recently conducted study published in the Journal of Nature Neuroscience, Acupuncture and its efficacy is managing pain are examined.

The scientific explanation for how acupuncture works is only now being clarified and consequently even those who have hitherto been skeptical now recognize that acupuncture is very effective for pain management.

Acupuncture is seen to work by stimulating the production of a particular compound: It is a naturally occurring compound called adenosine, known for its anti inflammatory properties, that is seen to arrive at the site that has been aggravated or punctured that helps in reducing pain.

In the study, mice were treated with acupuncture and were seen to obtain the same pain relief benefits as if they had been having drugs to boost their adenosine levels.

The tissue where the acupuncture needle was inserted was seen to have adenosine levels that were 24 times higher than before. In way, you could say that acupuncture is a way to trick the body into relieving its own pain!