How Acupuncture can help in Skin Care?

Bad skin is usually an indication that there are other imbalances that exist inside the body. These could be impaired immunity, an unbalanced lifestyle, emotional distress, poor diet, indigestion and so on. External factors such as weather and pollution can also impact skin.

acupuncture for skin careSince Chinese traditional medicine systems are holistic, in that they try to redress whatever is wrong with the body rather than just one aspect of health.

Using treatments like acupuncture to cure skin problems will go to the root cause of the problem, which is the imbalance that exists within.

This has the dual benefit of helping improve other aspects of one’s health, and also helps to eradicate the skin problem once and for all in a way that will prevent recurrence.

Traditional Chinese medicine views the skin and the lungs and large intestine to be connected to each other, since each plays a role in the filtration of toxins from the system.

For instance, the lungs control the skin functions such as sweating and the efficacy of the functioning of the intestines reflects in our skin. A healthy intestine means the presence of friendly bacteria in the gut, which is also good for us in a number of different ways.