How Acupuncture Helps Quit Smoking?

A highly effective natural weapon in fighting the smoking addiction, acupuncture works by detoxifying the system of the addictive chemicals found in tobacco.

It helps you to modify your behavior and because of its proven effectiveness, is widely used by many people suffering from smoking addiction.

How does it work?

A traditional Chinese medical practice, acupuncture aids tobacco withdrawal methods which improve liver function, since the liver fails to function normally with the use of tobacco.

By stimulating the functioning of your liver, tobacco eases smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Another effect of acupuncture treatment is that it changes your experience of smoking. After undergoing acupuncture treatment, smoke will taste unpleasant, and some people find that the smell of smoke makes them feel nauseous.

Is it safe?

Besides its many benefits, however, acupuncture also has a few negative side-effects. The most common adverse effects of undergoing acupuncture treatment include slight swelling, soreness or bruising.

Its relaxing nature and calming effect can also make you feel slightly sedated. In a few rare cases, people also experience fainting episodes.

If you are thinking of having acupuncture, be aware of all these negative effects, and take advice from your healthcare provider before deciding.