Laser Acupuncture For Treating Various Physical Conditions!

Laser Acupuncture

Laser acupuncture mainly involves application of photic energy to acupuncture points or tissues through the idea of growth of the normal healing process and pain relief.

The general wavelength of the laser that is most frequently used in acupuncture is the wavelength that can easily penetrate in the major elements of soft tissues.

Laser acupuncture is used to treat various physical conditions.

Laser acupuncture for respiratory diseases:

Laser acupuncture has various properties like bio-stimulation and tissue regeneration and also has anti inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial effects.

Laser acupuncture for sinusitis:

Sinusitis is the major factor for various respiratory conditions. Studies said that laser irradiation works through its bio-stimulative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on ease of pain or also on its elimination. Also, it can cause a fast removal of oedema and inflammation of the mucosa. Laser therapy brings restoration and drainage of sinus and also as normalization of mucociliar.

Laser acupuncture for asthma relief:

Approximately 15 million people in the US are affected with asthma. People with asthma when used laser acupuncture, observed the great improvement in their lung function.

Studies suggest that a 10 day course by using low power laser to stimulate the acupuncture points in people with bronchial asthma can get a great improvement in their lung functions. Short time is enough to observe the positive effects of this laser therapy and these effects can exist for several weeks.

Consecutive stimulation with laser in asthma patients can prolong the periods of remission and also reduces the severity of asthma attacks.

Laser acupuncture for pneumonia:

When pneumonia patients use laser acupuncture along with the conventional drugs, there is a great reduction in cell membrane permeability, increased levels of chromium and iron in the blood serum, and a great improvement in microcirculations.

Finally, studies showed that laser acupuncture is an effective method for treating pneumonia and it can also be added in relevant united schemes.

Laser acupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS):

Laser acupuncture works as an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and also spasticity related hand-flexion problems. Low laser wavelengths and mild electric current are used in the treatment of CTS.

Laser therapy works effectively in increasing the levels of neurotransmitter serotonin, decreasing inflammation, and improving local blood circulation. Laser therapy helps in treating spasticity related hand-flexion problems like clawed and fisted hand positions.

Laser acupuncture to quit smoking:

It is very difficult to quit cigarette smoking because addiction to tobacco is very strong and a nicotine withdrawal syndrome may follow smoking cessation. Various studies suggest that acupuncture is an effective treatment to quit smoking.

You can follow various types of acupuncture like laser acupuncture, ear acupuncture, body acupuncture and auricular point sticking. There are various advantages of laser acupuncture, most importantly it saves your time and won’t cause any pain or inflammation. It is a simple and safe technique without any side effects.

So, before going to take the acupuncture treatment for your conditions, it is better to visit your practitioner to know about the safety and side effects of the therapy.