Post Traumatic Stress Disorder May Be Relieved With Acupuncture

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event which results in psychological trauma and is something that is frequently seen among war veterans and others who have been in very stressful and traumatic situations.

It is a condition that is serious enough and considered a mitigating circumstance in a crime and which may be seen as clouding the judgment.

And now PTSD sufferers may have hope from one branch of alternative medicine; which is acupuncture. When treating PTSD, acupressure points are tapped into and past traumas bought up. This is seen to reduce symptoms of PTSD such as pain and depression.

acupunctureAccording to the San Bernardino County Sun in California as many as 50,000 cases of PTSD were encountered and treated at the Veteran’s Center in Loma Linda.

In this connection, a research group called The Stress Project wants that alternative therapies (or alternative medicine emotional freedom techniques (EFT) therapy) be included in treatments of PTSD among veterans.

Acupuncture is already being used and is seen as being very helpful for war veterans who have horrific mental scars from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as for those who still bear the wounds of Vietnam.