Using Acupuncture For Weight Loss

It has been discovered recently that acupuncture for weight loss is an effective tool when it comes to a person’s struggle to lose weight effectively.

This can be a good complement to your weight loss program or diet and can even help you reduce your stress, frustrations and anxiety – feelings that every dieter undergoes throughout the process.

The same feelings also trigger overeating which is one of the major hurdles that one must face when it comes to dieting.

How to Start Using This Treatment?

If you want to consider using acupuncture for weight loss in order to reach your weight loss goals then you should make a consultation with your chosen acupuncturist.

You will find that in these sessions, the acupuncturist would be asking you some questions in regards to your eating patterns. You should also inform your acupuncturist if you are undergoing digestive difficulties.

This is very important so that the acupuncturist would be able to choose the right acupuncture pressure points for you so that the use of acupuncture for weight loss would be effective.

The acupuncturist might also check your pulse in order to find out the state of your energy and also to measure your stomach’s energy in particular. They will also be checking your tongue to see if there are any cracks.

They would also try to see if there are signs of puffiness in your stomach area. These inspections are very necessary in order to look for clues as to why you are gaining weight so that the acupuncture for weight loss treatment can be administered in an effective manner.

The Acupuncture Points

When the acupuncturist gets all the information that he or she needs in order to devise acupuncture for weight loss treatment made personally for you and your needs, the acupuncture points would be determined.

Most of the points that are deemed to be important when it comes to acupuncture for weight loss are the following:

  • Mouth – for impulsive eaters who are talkative and who smoke
  • Stomach – for eaters who still eat even if they are full or those who nibbles on food constantly
  • Lung – for those who are addicted to a certain kind of food such as chocolate, sweets, etc.
  • Endocrine – this is for water retention which is one of the reasons why people gain weight
  • Spleen – for weight gain caused by hormonal and sugar imbalances
  • Thyroid – for those who have a slow metabolism

In acupuncture for weight loss treatment, the acupuncturist would use two or more of these acupuncture points depending on your problem and personality in regards to your eating habits.

The Acupuncture Treatment Plan

When you get acupuncture for weight loss you will find that the needles would be kept in place in your body for about thirty to forty five minutes.

The number of sessions that you would need to use acupuncture for weight loss would depend on your weight loss goals, the rate of speed on how fast you want to lose weight and your commitment to keep the weight off.

For the average person who would want to lose five to ten pounds then one treatment every three days or twice a week would do.

Usually the patient and the acupuncturist would mutually decide when to terminate the use of acupuncture for weight loss.