What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture? What Ailments Can It Cure?

Though acupuncture remains controversial among western medical practitioners, and there have been clinical studies about acupuncture that have been inconclusive, the fact remains that benefits of acupuncture are many and effective for a number of ailments.

Though acupuncture is treated with skepticism by many, it has traditionally been known to have great healing properties and even in modern times, organizations such as the World Health Organization have acknowledged its efficacy.

Accupunture BenefitsThe WHO lists about 28 different benefits of acupuncture, where relief for as many different conditions has been known to come from acupuncture.

In particular, acupuncture is known to benefit conditions such as chronic pain – migraines, tension headaches, lower back pain, joint pain, arthritis, are conditions that acupuncture has consistently shown good results for.

In addition, other pains such as sciatica, cervical or neck pain, jaw or face pain, can also be resolved.

Benefits of acupuncture range from helping to relieve other conditions such as helping to control angina, reduce inflammation, help in weight loss, and lower blood pressure.

In addition, the acupuncture is known to resolve psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, and stress related disorders. There is anecdotal evidence to show that acupuncture can help improve fertility, and even help in problems relating to addiction and substance abuse.

Sports injuries such as tennis elbow may also be benefited by acupuncture. Benefits of acupuncture also include helping to recover from certain infections and in speeding up healing after trauma or injury.  Even conditions such as insomnia are greatly helped by acupuncture treatments.

Though the exact way in which acupuncture works is not fully understood, particularly by practitioners of western medicine, the following specific benefits of acupuncture help to heal the body and cure it of various ailments

Acupuncture builds immunity

There are multiple benefits of acupuncture that come from the restoration of qi in the body which is the aim of this alternative treatment. As the balance is restored within the body, it also helps the body strengthen its immunity so that the body can fight infection and debility better.

A better immunity means that the body is not only able to repel new attacks but that it is also able to heal faster and recover better from injury or trauma.

Acupuncture improves blood circulation

It is the belief of this traditional system of healing that it is the qi, of the life force within the body that propels the blood circulatory system and that acupuncture frees up the qi and any obstructions in it. Since it improves flow or qi and hence blood circulation, improved circulation will help in better oxygenation of body organs and limbs and in turn better functioning of the body parts.

Acupuncture is drug free and safe

There seems to be a consensus of opinion even among the medical community that so long acupuncture is performed by trained professionals using sterile equipment, it is safe and practically free from any side effects. The benefits of acupuncture are drug free so that there are no chemicals or drugs required to be introduced into the body.