7 Cancer Fighting Foods For You

cancer fighting foodsA number of natural cancer fighting agents exist, which one can easily include in one’s life:

1. Turmeric is known to fight inflammation connected to cancer. Eat Indian food, loaded with turmeric, garlic and onions all known to have anti cancer properties. Also yellow mustard is known to have turmeric.

2. Eat fish. They contain not only Omega 3 but also Vitamin A and D, that help to prevent prostate cancer.

3. Orange juice is good for you, but that excludes what is really good for fighting cancer – the peel or the zest. Citrus zest consumers reduce their squamous skin cancer risk by 30% according to a recent study.

4. Green tea is good for you, but white tea is even better at battling colon cancer because it can block polyp growth in the colon.

5. Whey protein found in yoghurt, powders and whey isolates is known to have cancer fighting properties.

6. Cranberries are packed with tumor fighting properties such as phenolic acids, glycosides, and anthocyanins. Try craisins (sweetened dried cranberries) as a snack next time you feel peckish.

7. Gamma tocopherol, a nutrient which is a form of Vitamin E, is known to fight against prostate and lung cancer cells. This is a nutrient that can be found in sesame oil and walnuts.