A Rapid And Effective Alternative Care Health Medicine For Premenstrual Syndrome

Alternative Care Health MedicineSuffering with premenstrual syndrome? It is a problem with which most of the women are suffering.

For effective relief you can use alternative care health medicine.

It is a huge topic to talk about women’s health. Among which premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is one aspect of women’s health which continues to be an issue.

There are more than a hundred symptoms associated with PMS. Each woman is different from the others so there is no agreed upon cause or treatment for the effects of PMS within the medical community.

Conventional medicine can offer hormonal therapy, pain pills, and water pills, however alternative care health medicine can be more relaxing and have fewer side effects.

Alternative care health medicine systems for premenstrual syndrome:

Different types of alternative care health medicine systems can offer wide range of benefits. Here are some of the therapies which can give better results for you.

Acupuncture: This type of alternative care health medicine can relieve stress and pain and you will more relax at the time of menstruation. This is a non-invasive therapy.

Chakra and crystal healing: These are the therapies which can be used in wide variety of ways to increase blood flow which give relief from headaches and tension symptoms of PMS.

Chinese medicinal herbs: These types of alternative care health medicine can be used in concocting teas and poultices for the relief of PMS symptoms.

These medicines include kava kava chai and ginseng teas. The most popular teas are made from viburnum and help with cramping, irritability, and swelling.

Dandelion can be useful with swollen breast, muscle spasms, and acne. You herbalist can suggest the appropriate combination of herbs for your individual symptoms as well as bath soaks and foot rubs.

Diet and nutritional therapy: By following proper diet and taking sufficient nutrition can be useful and helps in relieving the symptoms of PMS. Limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, and salt.

Increase the intake of complex carbohydrates such as cereals, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Take nutritional vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Hypnosis: It is a fastest growing alternative care health medicine and is a better choice for PMS. It works to find the causes and conditions of symptoms and hence relieve the pain holistically by removing the root cause of irritability and stress.

The mood swings of PMS can be brought under control with light hypnosis. It manly focuses on you teaching that the moodiness is temporary and not to be taken to heart.

Osteopathy: It is an alternative care health medicine that can help with internal organ ailments and can fight with osteoporosis.

Massage therapy: Massaging is an effective alternative care health medicine which can give more relief. Massage therapist can guide you self massage to do on your lower abdomen any time you need to relax cramps. It involves no medicine. It is also non-invasive.

If you don’t like to take any of the alternative care health medicine systems, the practice of regular exercise is a great way to relieve symptoms and lessen fatigue.

Yoga is a useful form of exercise which can be considered as alternative. Low stretching movements and low impact cardio of yoga is very beneficial for menstrual symptoms.