Bach Flower Remedies For Pets

cherry plumMany of us who have pets and find that our pets are our own stress busters also find that our stresses and negative emotions do sometimes rub off onto our pets.

Bach flower remedies are able to deal with negative thoughts and feelings in pets as they are able to in humans.

As the appropriate flower remedy will be able to treat negative emotions in humans or treat depressed people so the appropriate remedy may also be able to help your best friend do the same.

The appropriate flower remedy or a rescue remedy for pets could be administered by adding few drops of the flower essence to the drinking water:

Agitation: Unaccountable fear or agitation can be countered with Aspen, to instill a sense of security and the ability to face challenges and difficulties.

Intolerance towards other people or animals: Sometimes a pet not getting along with another pet, a neighbor or a neighbors pet may be not only inconvenient but the cause of actual problems and in this case Beech is seen to be helpful to the pet who then displays more tolerance to animals and people.

Lack of self control and excessive scratching: Cherry plum is seen to promote a better behaved and more self controlled animal.

Ineffective learning process: Chestnut bud may help the animal learn better while also helping it not to repeat mistakes.

Overly Territorial: If you find your pet overly territorial and possessive of what it sees at its own, chicory could be seen to turn your pet into a more living and self assured animal.

Lassitude and Sleepiness: If you find that your pet is showing signs of lethargy and seems to be sleeping all the time Clematis may help it become more interested in the world about and able to better enjoy and participate in it. A despondent animal could be restored to optimism and a positive outlook using elm.

Rashes/Obsessive grooming: If your pet has a rash of some sort of a skin problem, you may find there is excessive licking or other form of grooming and you may find crab apple useful in helping the animal overcome this behavior and become more accepting of itself.

Aggressive behavior towards new addition to the family: It could be a new pet that you have recently added to the house or it could be a new baby that entered your world, which your pet may not be able to understand fully. Holly could be seen to help the animal become more compassionate and sharing in nature.

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