Bach Flower Remedy for Hopelessness

For those who have reached the stage of hopelessness, when there seems to be the feeling that there is no light at the end of the tunnel, the Bach remedy of Gorse is indicated.

bach flower1It is when a feeling of doom, and of losing faith in everything assails one, then this Bach flower remedy could be found to be very beneficial.

This could be with regard to a chronic illness to which a person may have given up hope.

It is true that the person’s confidence or resolve to find a resolution to the problem is part of that which acts as a curative.

As the flower of the gorse bush is lovely and uplifting to look at, so, it is understood, is it also possessed of therapeutic properties when taken internally.

The remedy can act at a physical, emotional and mental level, and even at a spiritual level; so that the person seeking therapy may find relief at several levels.

The Gorse Bach flower remedy is the taking of the original plant and flower based essences in the prescribed amounts. They are in liquid form usually preserved in brandy.

It is generally recommended that they should be taken diluted in mineral water. They can be taken undiluted as well if that is what the person wishes.