Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Bach FlowerThe Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is, as the name suggests used to ‘rescue’ a person in an emergency situation and it works fairly quickly.

This remedy is usually a combination of 5 different remedies, i.e. Rock rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum remedies.

The Rescue Remedy is actually a brand name and the formulation also goes by the name 5 flower remedy.

This remedy is used more for urgent situations rather than deep-rooted or long standing problems. In this formulation Impatiens is used to calm a stressed or impatient individual who finds slowness of others to be exacerbating. It helps in teaching empathy. Star of Bethlehem goes to alleviate shock or trauma, and soothes it.

Cherry plus helps to center a person who feels like their thoughts or actions are careening out of control and who seek to reclaim courage in life. Rock rose helps in dealing with terror or panic attacks.

Clematis is added to the mixture to help a person who has already or who is close to disappearing into a world of their own making, an unhealthy false world. This is said to increase lucidity and alertness and can help in creating a connection between reality and fantasy.