Be Mentally Healthy With Alternative Mental Health Approaches!

alternative mental healthBy following alternative mental health, you will get better control of your decisions and can improve your self determination for your mental well being.

If you are mentally ill person, then you will get preventive, promotional, positive and non hazardous healing from alternative mental health.

The interrelationship between mind, body and spirit is focused by an alternative mental health care approach.

For your mental health care, there are many alternative mental health approaches such as self help, diet-nutrition, and pastoral counseling.

Before following these approaches, you have to consult the providers of health care for alternative mental health.

You can use alternative mental health treatments not only as the supplementary or supportive to medical treatment but also as stand alone treatments for psychological sufferings.

Alternative mental health approaches for mental health care:

Self help: This is one of the alternative mental health care approaches. You will get self help from meetings and groups. As the resource for recovery and empowerment, you can take help from self help groups.

  • In the self group, all will have comparable needs.
  • Survivor, consumer or any other lay person can facilitate the self help group.
  • Life-disrupting event such as abuse, serious accident, death, diagnosis or addiction of mental, physical, emotional disability will be dealt by the self help group to help you from such condition.
  • Free of charge, an informal and non-profit basis of operations are done with self help group.
  • The self help group members will provide education and support and they are anonymous, confidential and voluntary.

Diet-nutrition: If you are suffering from mental illness, then you can manage both symptoms and can improve recovery by adjusting diet and nutrition. You will get diet and nutrition by including fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.

These nutrients in your diet should be maintained in correct proportions and adequate amounts. In regulation of the several metabolic processes, minerals and vitamins play an important role, but they do not supply energy to your body.

The important measure of the adequacy and quality of the diet is protein. You will get essential amino acids from the proteins.

Pastoral counseling: This is the alternative mental health approach provided from the rabbi, pastor and priest. To help people with mental illnesses, the counselors with traditional faith also support psychotherapy along with prayers.

These are some of the alternative mental health approaches. These alternative mental health approaches are followed if you are suffering from mental disorders such as natural disasters, and armed conflict. Armed conflicts and disasters affect the mental status of the person.

You will suffer from mental disorders when volcanic eruptions or typhoons are caused or if you are involved in the overseas job.

Be physically fit to maintain mental health condition. Follow alternative mental health for mental well being.