Chakra Clearing-To Clear The Path For The Energy Flow In The Body!

Chakra clearingAny thing which is in motion needs energy, not in a stable state but in the state of motion. Our body is filled up with universal force energy and needs flow of energy.

The energy flows through chakras. The breakages in the energy flow leads to diseases. Clearing the path for the energy to flow is called as chakra clearing.

The flow of energy in chakras is very important for your health. The energy should freely flow from one chakra to another, up to down and down to up without any obstacles.

Chakra clearing:

Meditation: This is a perfect process to clear the chakras which allows the flow of energy in a positive direction. Calmly settle down on a small place and start meditation.

Concentrate on the blocked chakra and start breathing. Breathe in through nose and hold it for 7 seconds repeat this for few times. Insight meditation will help you for chakra clearing.

Reiki: By using reiki for chakra clearing, you can remove the energy related to traumas and you will no longer feel any pain related to the chakra’s organs.

Help of a physician: A tutor in chakras will have the power in chakra clearing. A practitioner or a guru in chakra clearing can see you and say what are the blocked chakras in you. They will help you in clearing your chakras.

Chakra clearing session can last up to 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon the blockages of energy in the chakra.

Chakra clearing will give a large array of benefits such as:

  • Removing all negative energies and blockages in the body.
  • Promoting natural healing.
  • Balancing the energies in the body.
  • Enhancing personal awareness.
  • Promoting creativity.
  • Releasing blocked and suppressed feeling.
  • Balancing organs and their bodily functions.
  • Strengthening immunity system.
  • Aiding meditation and positive thinking.
  • Relaxation of stress.

What are chakras and the organs related to the chakras?

Chakras are also called as energy centers. They do not posses any internal energies, but pass the energy into the body through the chakras. These chakras are connected with the spinal cord and nervous systems. Chakras are very much similar to meridian points in acupuncture. [Acupuncture Points]

Chakras description:

Root chakra: Located at the tip of tail bone.

  • Color is red

The organs related with this chakra are kidneys, legs, spinal cord toe, feet and rectum. Root chakra clearing will solve the problems related to these organs.

Sacral chakra: Located at the area of pubic bone.

  • Color is orange.

The organs related with this chakra are sexual organs, liver, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, upper intestine and spinal cord middle. Sacral chakra clearing will heal problems related to these organs.

Solar-plexus chakra: Located just above the navel.

  • Color is yellow.

Organs related are upper abdomen, rib cage, small intestines, umbilicus, spleen and liver. Solar-plexus chakra clearing will heal the above organ problems and make you strong from inner side and get rid of ego.

Heart chakra: Located in the centre of heart.

  • Color is green

Organs related are heart, blood, lungs, rib cage, breast, diaphragms, circulatory system, shoulders, hands and arms. Heart chakra clearing will heal the above stated organs and flourishes openness for caring, loving and giving.

Throat chakra: Located at the junction of throat and chest.

  • Color is sky-blue or turquoise.

Organs related are throat, thyroid, teeth, gums, mouth, parathyroid and neck vertebrae. Throat chakra clearing will heal the above stated organ problems and flourishes you with friend ship, loyalty, commitment and honesty.

Brow eye chakra or third eye chakra: Located in the centre of fore head.

  • Color is indigo (deep meditation).

Organs related to this are brain, neurological system, pituitary glands, eyes, ears and nose. Brow eye chakra clearing will heal the problems related to these organs and flourish with a balance in physical, mental and emotional levels.

Crown chakra: Located at the crown of the skull.

  • Color is violet.

Give you rest, peace, love and happiness.

Chakra clearing balances the body and puts it back on to the correct vibration according to the nature’s intention.