Colon Hydrotherapy For A Clean Colon

Colon hydrotherapy also known as colonic irrigation is one kind of colon cleansing which removes feces and other toxins from the colon.

It is an alternative medical therapy to enhance health and wellness by achieving balance and harmony in the body.

The colon hydrotherapy procedure

The doctor will place a small speculum in your rectum which makes use of enemas and other colon therapy equipment to inject water which is sometimes mixed with herbs to the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy usually takes about 45 minutes, wherein bacteria, candida yeast as well as other parasites inside the colon are eliminated while restoring natural peristaltic muscle activities.

No need to stress yourself, because many people find colon hydrotherapy actually relaxing and the doctor or the therapist will assure you that he or she will be watchful while you undergo the procedure.

Also, you should be assured that all the instruments used for the colon hydrotherapy are sterilized and disposable.

What does colon hydrotherapy do to your colon?

  • It cleanses the colon by flushing out toxins and other bad bacteria which are detrimental to good health.
  • It improves muscle contraction because there are no toxins build up.
  • It removes bulging pockets in the colon which will restore it to its natural shape.
  • It improves stimulated body reflex points which will help the body to function well.
  • It hydrates the whole body which correspondingly increases the blood’s volume. As such, blood circulation is increased resulting to a more efficient cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

Benefits of colon hydrotherapy

  • A clean colon maintains the body’s normal weight. Since the procedure eliminates bowels, it also clears the body of toxins and other build up substances which causes excess weight in the body. Similarly, it is also an efficient way to improve metabolism.
  • You will feel a sense of well being because mucus as well as gases, bad bacteria and other toxins are flushed out, sickness like constipation to colon cancer can be prevented or alleviated because of a clean colon.
  • With colon hydrotherapy regular bowel movement will follow because the bad bacteria and toxins are flushed out, making the digestive system functioning well.
  • After colon hydrotherapy, the abdominal area is more relaxed and your abdomen more toned because it effectively purged the colon from hidden waste.
  • Many women are relieved from gynecological related issues like dysmenorrheal and cystitis.
  • It restores and fosters healthy bacterial balance.
  • Many have reduced complications because colon hydrotherapy boosts the immune system, since it helps the body to restore and repair itself after several sessions.
  • Compression of the organs near the colon is reduced, which in turn helps other organs like the liver, heart and lungs to function more effectively.
  • It enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods, which correspondingly help in the repair of the body’s cells, systems and organs.
  • Many also notice a beautiful complexion after the treatment, because colon hydrotherapy helps patients to have a restful sleep at nighttime and a sustained energy all throughout the day.