Diet Nutrition Therapy For Healthy Body And Weight!

Diet Nutrition TherapyDiet nutrition is the process of either nourishment or being nourished and it is the process of assimilating the food and using this food for growth and for the replacement of your tissues.

Diet nutrition therapy is related to the science and study of food with nourishment.

Nutrition does not mean the need for food; it indicates the right food that keeps your body healthy.

Different individual persons require different nutritious food. Some will have deficiency of some vitamins, iron, proteins and other nutrients. According to your deficiency and according to the nature of your body; you have to choose diet nutrition therapy.

Choose the food that is suitable for your body to keep healthy. Choosing the right diet nutrition therapy is very important as it helps in performing your daily activities.

Diet nutrition therapy for your body involves the following nutrients:

Diet nutrition therapy includes Proteins:

The diet with low protein intake will help in additional protective effects. But this consumption of diet with low proteins is not suitable for every one. If you have low serum insulin growth factor then don’t take low proteins diet as it will reduce your bone mass strength in order.

Diet nutrition includes Fats:

Prefer the diet which includes low fats:

Low-fat diet doesn’t mean that no fats. Fats are also useful for your body functioning. Daily you have to consume food which contains only thirty percent of calories, not more than that percent.

If you are affected by some diseases (diabetes and hypertension) then take less than thirty percent.

Take foods that contain low fats. Low fat foods are fruits, vegetables, fish and shell fish, cereals, rice, pasta. Take grain products and healthiest type of diet plan. You should avoid fried foods; always food should be eaten by roasting, grilling, baking and boiling.

Risks from taking the diet which includes heavy fats:

If you follow intake of heavier diet than required, it causes your body to suffer from several problems such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

So, take the food that includes low fats. Because of heavy fat diet, your body weight will increase. The increase of body weight will reduce the performance in daily activities.

High fat including products are dairy foods, fatty red meats, oils, egg yolks and cheese. Avoid eating high fatty foods.

Neglecting perfect diet nutrition will effect the plasma concentrations:

Heavy fat diet includes large amount of insulin into your body and causes many problems. As the insulin combines with blood, the difference in the concentration of insulin will effect the concentration of plasma in your blood.

The plasma concentrations of insulin and insulin like growth factor will affect your body from cancer risks.

The plasma growth factors and hormones will cause your body suffer from cancer. To avoid your body from this effect, you have to take the average amount of 0.73 g/kg plasma as per your body weight.

If your diet nutrition therapy is perfect, then you can achieve the modest weight which will help in reducing the risk factors of hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.