Dogs As Alternative Therapy?

This article talks about conventional anti convulsion medications being of no use in controlling seizures for one father girl, but support came in canine form for his condition! He is being called the Seizure Alert Dog, who can predict seizures/convulsions.

dog as alternative therapyEddie was an overactive little creature who suffered from separation anxiety that resulted in him chewing up the furniture and consequently finding himself at the Sheffield rescue centre for his boisterousness.

It was just this inherent nature of Eddie that made him perfect for his new job as seizure alert dog!

The dog is able to warn or alert the epilepsy sufferer about an impending seizure, so that they can take precautionary measures to get to a safe place or do the needful to prevent any injury or harm.

It is thought that the dog could predict a seizure by picking up on several different clues, he can perhaps pick up on micro expressions that go before a seizure, or he can pick up on a particular smell that may be generated by an impending convulsion, or he can sense changes in the electric field that could be disturbed by the seizure.

Regardless of how the dog does it, he is 100% accurate according to one dog owner and an epilepsy sufferer can be more relaxed, knowing that there will be warning before an attack!