Earth Energy, The Ancient Way Into Fertility

yogaHumans are connected to the earth in many ways.  In fact their well being is grounded to their connection with the earth energy.

A person who lacks earth energy will feel uncertain about his or her decision and will tend to feel panic in the front of challenges.

Earth is the symbol of fertility, the mother which gives birth to all things living. This ancient practice of invoking the earth energy is a part of the eastern tradition.

It includes things like the Chinese Feng Shui, the Indian Yoga, reflexology or even aroma or chromo therapy.

Earth energy can be used to heal physical problems and maintain mental well being. The earth energy theory expounds that the human body has energy layers called the chakras. When these chakras are in balance the body remains healthy. These chakras are seven in number.

When the balance of energy layers is disturbed it creates physical and mental ailments. These ailments can be cured by bringing the chakras in balance again. This is done with the help of energy meditation which helps to invoke the magnetic healing forces of the earth to heal.

Some earth energy believers use tools like herbs, crystals, talismans, etc, while others prefer to use nothing. These various methods all lead to harnessing of the earth energy to heal the human body.