Eschew Conventional Therapies To Beat Breast Cancer

stressMany alternative therapists actually hold conventional therapy to be responsible to causing or at any rate exacerbating existing cancers.

Mammograms, which is a common mode of breast cancer detection and which traditional medicine prescribes should be taken periodically, is thought to actually contribute to the problem by alternative practitioners. There are several reasons for this:

  • Mammograms are performed using the same radiation techniques that x rays use; the same radiation that this thought to cause cancerous cells to grow in the first place.
  • Mammograms can sometimes yield false positive results; or show the presence of a potentially dangerous tumor that is later revealed by a biopsy not to be so. Unnecessary biopsies could be unnecessarily invasive and could also mean heightened levels of anxiety and stress which could again exacerbate the problem.
  • Aggressive forms of treatment may not alleviate the problem but rather cause greater pain and suffering.

The holistic view for avoiding breast cancer and keeping its possibility at bay, is to decrease and limit the risk factors which may be psychological, lifestyle related or due to certain medications.

For instance, certain hormone imbalances or one hormone found in excess could be to the detriment of the body and is thought to be responsible for certain cancers originating.

Synthetic hormones in the form of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies could be examples of the kind of synthetic hormones that could be detrimental to health.

Medications themselves are often toxic to the system and many have so many side effects that they may actually be counterproductive in that more harm than good results from their use.

Lifestyle habits could sometimes be the reason for the cancers occurring. Obesity is known to increase risk as is the intake of certain food that has either been hormonally enhanced or genetically altered. Livestock is routinely treated with growth hormones that ultimately get passed on to the consumer.

Alternative therapists sometimes claim that the single most powerful weapon against breast cancer could be the psychological one.

Overcoming stress, or a long standing or deep-seated psychological trauma and coming to terms with it, may be a large part of combating a physically and mentally debilitating illness.

The very fear and apprehension associated with cancer and cancer sufferers is what can worsen the problem; conversely a positive outlook and self belief can counter it.