Esoteric Healing To Encourage The Body’s Natural Healing Abilities!

Esoteric healing means accessing healing by encouraging your own energy and soul to allow free flow within your body.

This healing helps you to contact the higher purpose or your true self and then get this into synchronization with your everyday life. The practitioner greatly helps you to do this for yourself.

Esoteric healing is a subjective service that helps you to remove the blockages that slow down the source of life from interacting accurately with the biofield.

Whenever your life starts interacting properly with the biofield, it can bring health and healing to your physical body.

With esoteric healing, the problems in your energy field can be detected before the disease manifests itself in your physical body.

So, esoteric healing is an effective method of practicing predictive and preventive medicine.

In the course of esoteric healing, you will learn about:

  • The relationship between physical and esoteric anatomy
  • Various techniques of reviewing your energy centers
  • Various techniques to evaluate your different vibratory levels within the energy field
  • Several treatment methods for energetic blocks and limitations within energy fields
  • Practice of meditation techniques
  • Growth of the intuition

In this therapy, the practitioner works with the disease cause deep within, which is causing disharmony in the organism.

Working with the energy through the chakras, endocrine system and the etheric body, the disproportions in your body can be determined with the chakras and they are approved with energy transfer in order to free up the blockages and encourage the energy flow from the essence.

Benefits of esoteric healing:

  • Esoteric healing helps to balance your energy and encourage your body’s natural healing abilities.
  • The therapy helps in flowing the energy into your chakras and again into your emotional and mental levels and finally into your body system.
  • Once after balancing the chakras, there is a great influence on your endocrine system, nervous system, and the glands, organs and blood.
  • With the balanced energy levels, not only you feel better, but also you will start to make choices and changes that greatly influence the life you are leading. You will perform every action with higher perception, with greater personal insights and also with a larger perspective.

Practitioners believe that the therapy helps with various types of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems.

Some of you experience a total reduction of symptoms, while some others experience healing to various extents. Anyone can get some benefit, but this therapy is not always means a healing of the physical body.