Flower Essence To Elevate Mood And Increase Self Immunity!

Flower essencesFlower essences are the blossoms of the plant. It can also be defined as an herbal infusions or decoctions of the flower part of the plant.

These are prepared from sun infusions in a bowl of water, then further diluted, potentized and preserved in an airtight container.

Flower essence treatment is a drug-free, natural or nature’s way of elevating the mood and increasing self immunity to heal the disease.

The main purpose or initiative behind use of flower essence is to eliminate negative imbalances in the soul and body. This elimination of the negative energy gives a push up to have a positive energy and emotional level.

How do flower essence work on your body?

It works with the same principle of inspirational sound (music) or carries the medium of light (color psychology) to evoke the specific qualities within you. But the medium of air is replaced by water.

Flower essences are full of life traces derived from the plants which will interact with the subtle bodies to energize them in a positive way giving a boost of positive energy.

They are not magic lotions that will cure all the diseases. They exactly work as catalysts in stimulating the ability to respond and to build an essential bridge between the body and soul.

However they do not expel the pain, but strengthen your ability to overcome the discomfort or pain. This is “feel good” process and develops a “well being” in your inner self.

How flower essence is used?

They are taken orally from a dropper bottle- the dosage is four drops four times a day. It can also be mixed with other solutions- a combination of flower essence in a glass of water is also taken to crave the benefit.

It can also be used in sprayers that can be sprayed on face or other body to enjoy the essences, added in bathing water to enhance and radiate the skin and its pores. The essences can be sprinkled on the side of your pillow where you are residing or sleeping.

Care that should be taken in selecting flower essence: One specific essence is not used for all moods. A wide range of essences are available, make a small study and choose the essence. Range is available for moods such as anger, anxiety, tension, depression, love, peace and so on.

Mixing of essences:

Several flower essences can be mixed and taken together. It is also important to check how the essences work together as well as the appropriateness of the combination. Combination of three to five essences is suggested to take if mixed and taken under a skilled physician.

Side effects:

These are natural and natures traces of fragrances that do not posses any adverse effects. They are exactly homeopathic remedies. This means they are non-toxic and an over dose (if one drink a huge quantity of flower essences) can effect as they contain traces of alcohol.