Get Relief From Uncontrollable Feelings Using Bach Flower Remedy!

Bach Flower RemedyBach flower remedy is dilutions of flower essences which are developed by Edward Bach.

You have to select Bach flower remedy by clearly understanding your feeling.

Basically this bach flower remedy is used for emotional and spiritual conditions.

These conditions also include anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. Bach flower remedy is not limited to these feelings.

These remedies have extremely small amount of flower in solution of 50% of water and 50% of brandy (distilled wine). As these solutions are diluted, solution will not have smell and taste of plant.

Production of Bach flower remedy:

You have to collect due from flowers of plants. Due consists of some of the properties of the plant. It is impractical to collect due from flowers. So, you pick up the flower and steep them in the bowl of water and keep it under sunlight. If it is also not possible, then you can boil the flowers.

Bach flower remedy is produced from non toxic substances. It is produced from due. Due is the combination of four elements: they are air, water, sunlight or fire to impart its power and earth.

Some of the bach flower remedies and their uses are as follows:

  • Agrimony remedy used for mental torture behind cheerful face.
  • Aspen remedy is used when you have fear of unknown things.
  • Centaury remedy is used when you are feeling inability to say ‘no’.
  • Cherry plum remedy is used to give away the fear of mind.
  • Crab apple remedy is used as cleansing remedy and used when you are self hatred.
  • Elm remedy is used when you are overwhelmed with responsibility.
  • Honey suckle remedy is used when you are living in the past.
  • Impatiens remedy is used when you are impatient.
  • Larch remedy is used if you are lack of confidence and self respect.
  • Mimulus remedy is used if you have fear of known things.
  • Mustard remedy is used if you are deep gloom for no reason.
  • Scleranthus remedy is used if you are confused with choosing alternatives.
  • Vervain remedy is used if you have over enthusiasm.
  • Wild oat remedy is used if you have uncertainty over one’s direction of life.

The above bach flower remedies are used to control some feelings and enhance some feelings.

Use of Bach flower remedy:

Bach flower remedies are used individually and are also used along with other remedies. The most popular remedy is rescue remedy; this remedy is the combination of equal amounts of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem and cherry plum remedies.

Rescue remedy is used for treating stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Rescue cream is applied externally for minor skin problems such as burns and itches. Try Elm for stress and pressures caused in every day life and to enjoy feeling of well being.

If you have some uncontrollable feelings and if you want to improve some feelings, you should use Bach flower remedy.