10 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Thyme is known for its indisputable health benefits. It is used in several cuisines and is an outstanding addition to your regular dishes as well. This unbelievable herb is popular in Europe and is a delightful addition to several Mediterranean recipes. This popular herb is mostly used in aromatherapy.
The volatile essential oils found in thyme herb has anti-rheumatic, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral compounds as well and hence it is used as an expectorant, antibiotic, diuretic, and detoxifying agent. Apart from its health benefits, this incredible herb has several benefits for skin and hair as well.

10 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Here Are 10 Health Benefits of Thyme Oil

Excellent Antibacterial Agent

Thyme contains several antibacterial properties that help combat several forms of bacteria. The thyme oil extracts help fight against the antibiotic-resistant strains of several kinds of bacteria.

Relieves Pain from Muscle Cramps

Thyme is helpful in relieving the pain caused due to PMS and menstrual cramps in women. The oils found in the thyme are helpful in providing relief from the pain caused due to menstrual cramps.

Keeps Your System Healthy

Fresh thyme has several phenolic compounds such as zeaxanthin, lutein, naringenin etc. which play a dynamic role in fighting the free radical damage, thus protecting your body from several conditions and keeps your system healthy. Have a cup of thyme tea regularly as it can help in maintaining a healthy system.

Acts as A Great Diuretic

Thyme oil acts as an eccentric diuretic and helps the body in flushing out the excess salts and toxins in the form of urine. This characteristic of Thyme helps to reduce the blood pressure and promote weight loss.

Promotes Sleep and Busts Stress

Having thyme tea with some drops of honey to it can help in endorsing sleep. This is often directed to children to endorse sleep. Also, thyme oil has a comforting and calming property which helps in relieving your stress by improving your mood.

High in Iron

Thyme is considered as an astounding source of iron and provides 20% of the daily recommended dose of this vital mineral. Iron is vital for the development of RBC and provides energy. Lack of iron could lead to anemia, exhaustion, and other such conditions.

Reduces Digestive Disorders

Thyme tea works well in helping digestion and even aids in reducing bloating and gas. The volatile oils found in the thyme herb can provide relief from intestinal cramping as well.

Improves Bone Health

Thyme Oil is a good source of calcium, manganese, and iron. These minerals play a dynamic role in the growth and development of the bones. It is good for your bone health and to protect the body from any bone diseases, you have to start drinking a cup of thyme tea regularly.

Enhances Oral Health

Thyme has sterile compounds and due to this, it is often used as a medicine for bad breath because it helps in combating the bacteria and infections in your mouth. An increase in the bacteria inside your mouth could increase oral problems such as gingivitis, bad breath, and cavities.

Protects from Respiratory Problems

The compounds of thyme are supportive in providing relief from respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, cold, cough, and sore throat. Having a cup of warm thyme tea could help in providing a great relief from such respiratory problems.