Holographic Repatterning To Identify The Root Cause Of The Problem

holographic repatterningHolographic repatterning is the process of self-healing.

Most of the practitioners use art therapy along with holographic repatterning to identify the root cause of the problem.

In holographic repatterning, it is believed that the negative thoughts inside you can change the frequency of energy to certain parts of your body because it is believed that every individual organ or muscle needs a specific frequency.

A small change in one region can be noticeable itself as poor wellbeing, emotional troubles or just a low standard of living.

Once the frequencies move out of balance due to any previous painful experiences, then they are visible as health issues, depression, unworkable relationships, problems related to your business, low confidence, money tensions or any other distress that you experience during everyday life.

During the holographic repatterning session, the practitioner recognizes the non-coherent sample, so you can experience positive change physically, mentally or emotionally.

The six-step process in holographic repatterning:

1. Preparation: This is the first process that helps in dealing with your willingness to improve or expand your life. Often, people’s minds or wills will move ahead while their emotions hold them back.

Deep changes will only happen, when your system, thoughts, will and feelings are well aligned and prepared to solve the difficulty. Sometimes, regardless of your expressed intention, you may not be prepared to look at your life-depleting approaches. During these times, you need to attune your body and mind to use the holographic repatterning sessions at its best.

2. Motivation: People only try to change when they are forced to change. There are various issues like diseases, losses, separation, homelessness, unemployment, circumstances, which decisively and painfully change the course of your life. Proper understanding of these events and acting them accordingly can help you to awake and turn your life into the new directions. In the holographic repatterning sessions, you will be trained for that required motivation.

3. Positive intentions: Having positive intention fills your life with joy. Holographic repatterning shifts your frequency back to the optimal level of functioning in regard to the positive intention; with this all the levels of your being are combined and adjusted to the same goal. Being in harmony with your ideals makes your life to move continuously towards the realization of your ideals.

4. Insensible models and energy limitations: Dealing with the insensible models supports you to limit the strategies and prevents you from realizing the positive goals.

The holographic repatterning works with three basic types of unconscious patterns. They include:

  • Beliefs that are reflected in your language and self-image
  • Survival methods that help you to overcome from traumatic situations and obstruct you to live a happy life
  • Energy limitations in your elements, chakra system and meridians

5. Self healing modalities: Self-healing techniques like breathing techniques, body movements, toning, acupuncture, tuning fork vibrations, creative expression, overtone chanting, light frequencies, and affirmations help in recovering from various problems related to your health and also in daily life.

6. Positive actions: In order to return to the optimal level of functioning, it takes some time. Positive actions help your system to integrate with the new level of frequency. You need a list of actions that help you to recognize what you require to accomplish in order to aid your system to get back its balance.