How To Use Healing Colors For A Healthier Life?

healing colorMany healing practitioners use color, as a healing therapy. They paint their office in these colors, to help facilitate your speedy recovery. This type of therapy, known as chromo therapy, has been around for a very long time.

Healing colors are every color of the rainbow, and they each have their own healing properties.

If your chakra (energy center) is not in balance, then the color that corresponds with what is wrong with you will help to heal you. If you are feeling ill, then you may want to try healing yourself with color.

The Color Red

The color red is a color that represents the lower part of your body. It represents your legs, hips, and your spine. Red will increase your physical energy so you will not be so tired.

It will also give you more willpower to be able to resist things you should not do. In the lower half of your body, it will help with your circulation. Red will help with a cold. It will relieve your congestion. Lastly, red will assist with your sexuality.

Blue to Breathe Better

Throat chakra, linked to the color blue, relates to your throat and your lungs. If you have any trouble with your throat, the color blue will soothe it.  Blue will help with your verbal communication.

Physically, it will help you to sleep better. It will calm you down and help with your anxiety. Blue can relate to your migraine, and keep your head from hurting.  It will also help you deal with your high blood pressure, and it will become lower with the color blue.

Cleanse with Indigo

Indigo will send energy into your body to cleanse it. The color Indigo has to do with your head. Your immune system will get a boost from the color Indigo and it is also a good color for your lymph system.

Solar Yellow

Yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra. You do not want this chakra to become imbalanced, because this can cause worry and fear. Keeping this color in balance is crucial. This color helps your mental stability.

It is a very uplifting color to your mind and body. Yellow assists with your food digestion, therefore it will soothe your stomach. The color of yellow does not need to become too strong though, because it could cause adverse affects of hyperactivity.

Joy of Orange

If you are a person that has kidney problems, then the color orange is the color you need. The color orange will aid you in getting pregnant, if you are a woman.

Orange is another color that you do not want to get too much of, because it will make you tired and confused, which is not good for your body.

Orange is a very optimistic color that will help you to be more friendly to people. Using orange when you are sad or depressed will encourage you to be more joyful.

All of these colors are helpful in your overall health and everyday life.