Inner Child Therapy To Control Current Actions And Behavior

Are you still living with your past or childhood pain and grief? If this is the case, inner child therapy can help control your present actions and behavior by examining past experiences.

Inner child therapy or healing is a technique that helps you to resolve bad past experiences and addresses childhood issues so that they no longer consciously or unconsciously control your current behavior.

Inner child therapy aims to change your life by incorporating love, spiritual truth and intellectual knowledge of healthy behavior into your emotional experience of life.

It is essential to use inner child therapy if you have a recurring reaction to definite issues, places, people or experiences related to your inner child. For example, if childhood experiences of hurt have not been resolved, emotional pain in a current situation is likely to wound more.

In order to heal, it is essential for you to understand that you respond to certain problems for a specific reason. You need to find out the main reasons for the hurt in order to address your current condition. This will enable you to feel free to react in response to present interactions without baggage from the past.

Who benefits from inner child therapy?

This therapy is most suitable for people who show symptoms that originate in their childhood due to lack of love and emotional support. Those symptoms include:

Visualizations are used to allow you to get back in touch with your inner self (inner child).

What issues can inner child therapy address?

  • All behavioral, relationship and emotional issues, post-traumatic stress disorder and critical incident debriefing;
  • Compulsive unwanted behaviors like smoking, eating disorders, gambling, violent behavior and promiscuity;
  • Recurring negative emotions like anxiety, panic, depression, fear and jealousy. Various techniques are used to overcome fears and phobias and to boost your confidence.
  • Inner child therapy helps for singular or repeated traumatic events in your childhood or adult life like road accidents, rape, violent physical attack or anything out of the ordinary.

Once after releasing the problems of the inner child, the practitioner aims to integrate child and adult by healing the spirit.

Integration allows the emotional and mental aspects of the self to work in harmony rather than separately. In this way, inner child therapy greatly helps you to control your present actions and behavior.