Introduction Hydrotherapy and Types of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests is the treatment method under which one of the most essential components of life i.e. water helps in curing/ countering different types of conditions/ diseases. One must not confuse hydrotherapy with swimming.

This is because; hydrotherapy that uses the pool actually includes performing certain fixed exercise types in a pool with warm water. The temperature of the water in the pool is usually set to be around some 33 to about 36 degree Celsius.


The rationale behind hydrotherapy depends on the many benefits of water, that is, hydro itself:

  • Many minerals, salts and other herbs/ substances can be dissolved in water easily to mould the hydrotherapy treatment as per the condition being treated.
  • Heat and energy, the most important factors in alternative treatment are easy to be delivered by water.
  • No one is allergic to water, it is hence one of the most neutral forms of delivering treatment.
  • The calming, soothing, distressing and relaxing effects of water whether in form of sounds, through a bath or a shower etc. are not hidden from anyone.

Types of Hydrotherapy

Many different kinds of hydrotherapy techniques are used for countering various condition and symptoms. Below given is the list of different types of Hydrotherapy treatments:

The Kneipp System

This particular system of hydrotherapy involves the use of both cold and hot water. Methods such as dew walking, snow walking, and even water treading are included in this system. The different methods generate different segmental, immune system and physiological responses in individuals.

The Balneotherapy

Conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and many skins conditions cured with the use of this therapy. This includes bathing in both hot and cold water making full use of hot water springs and natural spas. The bathing water combined with minerals such as sulfur, radium, silica etc. adds to the benefits of the treatment.

Sitz Baths

Most water baths use of either hot or cold water, but the sitz bath uses both hot and cold water simultaneously. Two adjacent baths filled, one with cold and the other with hot water. The individual may sit alternately in the baths one by one or may sit in one and lay his feet in the other bath.

Steam, Sauna, and Compresses

All these three techniques make use of the heat carried through water and used to treat different conditions. In the steam, bath water is heated beyond the boiling point to generate steam which detoxifies the body. Sauna, based on the concept of dry heat and it helps in relieving the stress in the body by the process of detoxification. Compresses refer to the technique of using towels that are soaked in either very hot or very cold water. These soaked towels are used on different body parts to bring relief from the condition.

The HydroMassage Technique

Hydromassage refers to the use of hot water to inculcate mechanical and thermal massage of different body parts. This massage therapy boasts of promoting circulation of blood throughout the body, releasing tension in knots and ridding the body of any pain.

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