Is Soya A Wonderdrug Or A Health Threat?

soyaSoya is taken by many people to aid with all kinds of ailments including menopausal symptoms, fighting heart diseases and prevention of some cancers

But now expert researchers have determined that the consumption of soy products may produce serious side effects to our health.

Soya contains high levels of phytic acid, which diminish the metabolism’s assimilation of zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper, leading to growth deficiencies in children.

Soy products can also cause other problems, such as pancreas complaints due to the hindrance of the protein digestion, as well as reduced sperm motility due to genistein, a compound found in all soya products.

Women consuming Soya can develop thyroid gland dysfunctions, which may progress and cause thyroid cancer, they are also more susceptible to breast cancer.

Soya products also have a high aluminium content, which will impair the kidneys and nervous system; they also reduce the effect of vitamin D and B12, causing deficiencies.

Those babies fed with soya substitutes to milk show increased levels of estrogens compared to those babies who receive maternal milk. The effect of the high levels of estrogens causes premature puberty in girls, who show signs of feminine development as early as the age of eight.

Many products are made with soya and can be either fermented or not; these include Soya sauce, soya milk and yoghurt, biscuits, cereals, food for babies, bread, meat substitutes and many others.

Nowadays soya is present in nearly all processed food and it is important to read the product’s label to check for soya content before purchase.