LaStone Therapy To Seek Connection Between Body, Mind And Soul!

lastone therapyLaStone therapy is a form of body work, which involves the use of hot and cold stones, geo-thermo therapy.

These are applied to your body to bring relief to the tired and sore muscles and also help to alleviate from chronic and acute symptoms that you deal within your daily life.

For the energy worker, LaStone provides assistance in bringing the right balance to body, mind and soul.

This therapy is a multifaceted technique that is designed to benefit both the client and therapist at a time. The healing potential of this method goes beyond measure.

The psychological benefits of alternating hot and cold therapies to your body have been proven medically. In the treatment process, stones act as medium and the cold and hot temperatures are the massages. This helps your body in self-healing.

LaStone therapy is one of the fastest growing massage techniques in different places of the world. Most of you are seeking a connection to your body, mind and soul with this technique.

Working of LaStone therapy:

With the use of hot and cold stones, you can achieve great relief from the tired and sore muscles, thus alleviating from acute and chronic symptoms that most of you deal with.

During the therapy session, the practitioner positions the hot and cold stones on various parts of your body and gently massages with the stones to open the energy channels.

Marble and basalt stones are used as tools to offer hot and cold massages to your body. These stones are alternated during the massage therapy for a deep penetrating effect on your physiological system. These stones are heated over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the session, you are also asked to lie down on the bed that is fully covered with stones by keeping a towel between your body and the stones as an insulator.

Usually, LaStone therapy is performed in combination with more deep and intense tissue massage to achieve even more benefits. The application of these hot and cold stones gives your circulatory system a boost and also helps in your body’s self-healing process.

Benefits of LaStone therapy:

  • The therapy transports oxygenated blood to the site of application and also boosts the lymph flow and metabolism.
  • The application of cold stones removes unwanted inflammation, blockages and congestion.
  • The use of alternative cold and hot temperatures helps you to attain balance, healing and rejuvenation.
  • This therapy helps in balancing physical, spiritual, mental and emotional energies.
  • The stones help to work on the tissues at a deeper level when compared with other traditional massage techniques that only uses the therapist’s hands.
  • LaStone therapy is a most effective detoxification plan and is an excellent booster of immune system.
  • This gives great relaxation for your mind.
  • Applying hot and cold stones alternatively brings alternative energizing and sedative responses. This brings your mind in a deep relaxation state.

These are the various benefits that LaStone therapy offers you, but before going to consider the treatment, once consult your doctor to know about the safety.