Laughter As Alternative Therapy

It has long been said that laughter is the best medicine, but medical practitioners are now taking this seriously, researchers delving into the mysteries of mind-body medications are now looking at the possible role of humor in health care, or using laughter as therapy.

laughter therapySo laughter as a drug free therapy is a very attractive idea, but it’s not all that simple, find researchers.  For what is hilarious for you may not even elicit a smile from someone else and does it actually work?

Well yes, according to some, it has been observed that mental symptoms such as anxiety and nervousness can be helped with laughter therapy even if one is skeptical about the actual physical benefits.

What one has to watch out for however is that the laughter may be used to mask a number of negative emotions, laughter can be angry, it can be sarcastic. So just make sure that laughter therapy is used in the manner that it should be, one that actually helps, so that it doesn’t backfire on you.

For instance those with heart disease or anxiety can be inclined to blame oneself and be critical of oneself as well, so self deprecating humor in this situation may well be counterproductive. Such mirth could well exacerbate the anxiety and end up making the situation worse, warn researchers.