Light Therapy: Treatment Done By Exposing Your Body To The Light!

Light TherapyThe treatment using light therapy is done by exposing to specific wave lengths using lasers, LED, fluorescent lamps, dichronic lamps and full spectrum light for specific amount of time.

Light therapy is effective in treating acne vulgaris, seasonal affective disorder, non seasonal depression and delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Light therapy is used in improving skin rejuvenation. Light therapy is used in treating psoriasis. This therapy uses visor products and beauty skin procedure.

Visor products is used for treating the people who suffer from winter blues, insomnia, shift change fatigue, jet lag and other circadian rhythm problems.

Beauty skin procedure is the procedure which is effective in reduction of pimples, black heads, and this procedure is done by exposing certain wave lengths to skin. Beauty skin procedure is also used for acne. This procedure stops the growth of bacteria and inflammation of skin pore is reduced.

Using rejuvenating light procedure reduces the amount of appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, facial blemishes and crow’s feet.

Blue light treatment or red light treatment:

It uses range of 405-402 nm of sun light for activating porphyrin. This treatment is used for damaging bacteria in propionibacterium acne.

Speaking Light therapy uses bright full spectrum light or bright white light (includes the wave length from infrared to ultraviolet). Applying this light reduces the bacteria to 99.9%.

Treatment using light therapy is safe except for the people with porphyria. Even though it is safe, it requires protection from the light sensitive chemicals.

Bright light therapy:

Bright Light therapy provides the amount of light which is required for your body. If more light is exposed then it will hurt your eyes. This therapy involves exposure to light from one and half hour to three hours generally in the early morning.

If you stare to the light directly, it causes damage to your eyes. So, required amount of light is exposed on you.

Light therapy benefits in seasonal affective disorders (SAD):

You can observe seasonal affective disorders in the people of age early twenty’s. Light therapy is used in seasonal disorders. This treatment is done by sending visible light through eyes, which triggers the pineal gland. Light boxes are used for treating SAD.

The common symptoms for seasonal affective disorders are symptoms of depression such as sadness, anxiety, lost interest in routine activities, withdrawal from social activities and unable to concentrate.

Light therapy for the common symptoms observed in winter season:

Use light therapy for following symptoms.

  • If you have increased the sleep.
  • If your appetite is increased.
  • If your weight is increased.
  • If you are feeling irritability.
  • If you feel the rejection feelings.

Side effects from light therapy:

It can cause side effects such as photophobia, head ache, fatigue, irritability, possibility of retinal damage, insomnia and hypomania (mental state characterized by increase of excitability, optimism, hyper activity, talkativeness, heightened sexual interest, quick anger and decreased need for sleep).

These side effects are very mild and you will suffer for few days. You can use this treatment even if you are pregnant.