Looking After Mental Health – By Jogging in a Park and More

Research has shown that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety or have major depression.

As the more vulnerable gender, women need to be more careful about their mental health; however, both genders need to be careful about mental health.

Here’s what you can do to protect your mental health and wellness:

Commune with nature

Recent research shows that exercising outdoors is good for mental health. Whether you take a stroll in the park or a tramp through the woods, this can have a positive impact on any mental ailment that you have.

Jogging in a ParkResearch found that exercising in the open had a more positive impact on mental health than exercising indoors as in the case of a gym.

The trees and grassy environs were able to lower stress levels more effectively than working out in a gym, it was found.

Natural environments for working out were seen to be more beneficial for mental health and were associated with lower risk of mental ailments.

And it wasn’t serious mental ailments but mild depression, difficulty coping, ordinary stresses, problems with sleep and so on which were seen to respond better to exercise out of doors.

Leafy and natural green environments are calming, and hence lower stress, promoting mental wellbeing.

Other tips for preserving good mental health

Take care of your physical health by eating a healthy and nutritious diet, taking regular exercise and undergoing regular health checkups.

A healthy body is vitally important for a healthy mind. Regular exercise is important not only for keeping physically fit but also to keep stress levels in control.

High stress levels are a known predictor for mental ailments such as anxiety, depression and so on. So controlling and lowering stress levels are very important for preserving mental health. Try to prioritize your life and make time for the important things. If you have trouble coping, take on less or get help. All of this can help you lower and minimize stress.

Get enough sleep. This is another factor vitally important for preserving good mental health. If you have trouble getting enough restful sleep, make changes in your daily schedule to get that sleep. If there is a sleep disorder that prevents you from getting enough sleep, see a doctor about it and nip the problem in the bud.

Sufficient sleep is required to keep the mind and the body healthy. As an added benefit, it will also keep your skin healthier and keep you looking younger for longer.