Mediterranean Diet Can Lower Alzheimer’s Risk And Do A Whole Lot Besides

mediterranean dietThe Mediterranean diet is defined as a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of poor coastal regions of southern Italy, Crete, and coastal Greece in the 1960s. It includes:

  • abundant plant foods,
  • fresh fruit as the typical daily dessert,
  • olive oil as the principal source of fat,
  • dairy products (principally cheese and yogurt),
  • fish and poultry consumed in low to moderate amounts,
  • zero to four eggs consumed weekly,
  • red meat consumed in low amounts, and
  • wine consumed in low to moderate amounts

Now we know that this nutritional therapy can be good for preventing:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease. The Mediterranean diet can help prevent brain damage linked to memory loss and strokes
  • This diet is also said to prevent stomach cancer
  • Added to this, the Mediterranean diet also can be an anti depressant since it improves the working of blood vessels, reduces the oxidative damage and decreases inflammation