Naturopath Speaks About Skepticism And Opposition

It is a familiar story – an alternative or complementary practitioner such as naturopath, treats people, helping them overcome their health issues, earning their gratitude in the process, but at the same time continues to face skepticism and opposition from the nay sayers.

naturopathWhereas hospitals continue to be the cause of deaths either because of negligence in administering the wrong treatment and so on, alternative practitioners are not allowed the same latitude says Jonn Matsen, who is the founder of the Northshore Naturopathic Clinic and author of the Eating Alive book series.

He has treated 50,000 patients in his career spanning 27 years and his experience as well as his association with a Mohawk Medicine woman called Normal Meyers, has taught him that there is such a lot that doctors do not understand.

He tries to get at the root cause of disease by trying to remove the toxins from the blood so that the body can heal itself – this approach can yield results right away.

Mercury is the most harmful toxin, which can leech from dental fillings, and end up in the brain, the kidneys and the liver. This can cause digestive problems, immune and neurological problems and contribute to yeast growth in the body. Similarly aluminum in vaccines is seen to be linked to Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

It is the side effects of main stream medication that are so easily dismissed and yet which are so pernicious for the body – and it is this that complementary practitioners seek to avoid.