Naturopathy Utilizes Only Natural Elements For Removing Toxic Substances From Your Body!

NaturopathyNaturopathy (natural therapy) is a system of medicine for diagnosing and treating any human injury, pain and any other ailment.

Naturopathy utilizes only natural elements like fire, air, water, space and earth.

Naturopathy believes that any disease in your body is caused due to the waste material and any other toxic material entered in your body.

As naturopathy believes that, there is only one cause for every disease. So, it gives only one treatment for any disease.

The waste material enters into your body either naturally or unnaturally. Natural means of entering waste material is through dead cells. Unnatural means of entering waste material is through wrong way of living. These waste materials produce toxic material.

If these toxins are not removed regularly from your body, then it causes disease condition. Naturopathy is used for minimizing the effects of stress such as unfocussed anxiety, depression, hypertension, chronic lethargy, infectious diseases and neuro hormonal imbalances.

Naturopathy uses natural elements like flowers, colors, aromas and herbs to treat stress disorders. The natural therapy includes aroma therapy, Bach flower therapy and color therapy.

Bach flower therapy:

Bach flower therapy uses Bach flower remedies. Bach flower remedy is dilutions of flower essences which are developed by Edward Bach. Bach flower remedy can be selected when you know what sort of person and way of feeling.

Basically this Bach flower remedy is used for emotional and spiritual conditions. It also includes anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. Bach flower remedy is not limited to these feelings.

Use of Bach flower remedy:

Bach flower remedies are used individually and along with other remedies. The most popular remedy is rescue remedy; this remedy is the combination of equal amounts of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem and cherry plum remedies.

Rescue remedy is used for treating stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Rescue cream is applied externally for minor skin problems such as burns and itches.

Try Elm for stress and pressures in your day to day life and to enjoy feeling of well being.

Color therapy:

Color therapy is another important component of naturopathy. Color therapy is used for giving relief to physical and psychological disorders. Every color will give emotional effect on your nerves. Different colors have different properties.

For example if you see blue color it gives soothing and calming effect on your nerves. When you see yellow color it stimulates your intelligence. Color therapy will restore your mental balances and improves healing process in your body.

Aroma therapy:

In this, the treatment is given using distilled oils which are extracted from different flowers and plants. Aroma therapy is used for treating health disorders and especially stress disorders. Aroma medicinal effect is used for stimulating digestive and glandular functions.

These three therapies come under naturopathy which helps in physical, mental and emotional disorders.