Pranic Healing To Prevent Illnesses With Life Force!

Pranic healingPranic healing is an energy healing method based on the overall composition of your body.

Pranic healing is a revolutionary system of healing that works based on “prana” or vital energy system to prevent various ailments.

Prana means life force, which keeps your body alive and preserves the condition of good health.

Pranic healing has two basic principles, one is cleansing and the other is energizing.

If you are undergoing pranic healing, first you have to undergo cleansing phase or the unhealthy prana is detached from the infected chakra and the vital organs, and then the chakras are again energized with clean prana.

Basically, the healer grasps white prana from water, air, trees, food and ground and transforms it to you. The recovery time depends on the severity of your disease and also your ability to absorb the ki.

Two basic laws of pranic healing:

1. Law of self recovery

Usually your body will be able to heal itself at a certain rate. For example, if you got a wound or burn, your body can heal itself and restore within few days to a week. Even if you don’t use any medicine, your body can heal itself.

2. Law of life energy

You must have prana or life energy to a lead a healthy life. The process of healing can be accelerated through enhancing the life force on the affected parts or on whole body.

In pranic healing, life force is essential to speed up the biochemical reactions involved in the process of natural healing of your body. When pranic healing is applied on the affected body parts, healing or the recovery rate increases greatly.

Pranic healing plays a great part in increasing the rate of self-recovery of your body. There is nothing mystical about pranic healing, it is just based only on the natural laws that most of you are not aware of.

Pranic healing for natural illnesses:

  • This healing process helps you in dropping the temperature of your children when they are suffering from high fevers within few hours and in most of the cases this completely heals it in a day or two.
  • Pranic healing helps in relieving from toothaches, headaches, muscle pains, and gas pains within small time or immediately.
  • Usually, coughs and colds can also be cured within a day or two.
  • You will observe a great improvement in the condition of loose bowl movements.
  • Severe diseases like heart, eye, kidney and liver problems can be alleviated within few sessions and in many cases it takes few months to heal.
  • Pranic healing increases your rate of healing by almost three times.

Anybody can learn pranic healing with an average ability to concentrate, an average intelligence, an open mind and a certain degree of persistence. Learning pranic healing is as easy as learning to drive. Few sessions are enough to learn the basic principles and methods. The only thing you need to do is enough practice to attain a certain extent of proficiency.