Some Tips For Healthy Living Shared By Dr Michael Day

healthy eatingDr. Michael Day who is associated with the Advanced Wellness Center, which offers viable complementary and alternative medicine solutions for people of the Long Beach community, had these tips for healthy living:

  1. Get more sleep. We often ignore the fact that the body needs rest for our muscles to heal, allow learning and memories to consolidate inside the brain and a whole lot besides. Sleep is time well spent; not lazy time according to the doctor. If you have a sleep deficit, catch up on the weekends.
  2. Keep your exercising balanced. Harder is not necessarily better when it comes to exercise. Interval training where you alternate between high and low intensity exercise is actually better, so mix it up, be spontaneous and remember to have fun as well! Many of us don’t have enough fun and laughter in our lives.
  3. Have a healthy relationship with food. Eat slowly, enjoy your food, and savor each mouthful. Fresh, brightly and variously colored food is best, in order to deliver the best nutrients to the body. This will help to prevent issues that one may have with weight as well as metabolism.