The Ancient Art Of Naturopathy

naturopathyNaturopathy uses natural materials and methods to heal the sick.

So it can be described as a medical procedure, employing the therapeutic advantages of substances present in nature.

Prior to the 18th century natural products were the only types of medicine known to mankind.

Almost everything from spring water to tree bark was put to use for healing both minor and major illnesses.

Naturopathy was gradually overtaken by medical research and science and the formation of many big pharmaceutical companies. The new medicine was able to demonstrate the success of drugs and clarify surgical procedures, not available from natural medicine.

By the beginning of the 20th century, allopathic medicines and surgical procedures rapidly became the common method of treatment.

The medicines act quickly and can relieve suffering almost immediately whereas natural medicines, can take a long time to produce results.

Nonetheless, the side effects are often severe and can, for a while, make a patient feel worse. Surgery is often very invasive and risky so convalescence may be prolonged.

As a result, people are looking again at natural methods and medicines. Research showed the powers of naturopathy to be highly promising. Consequently, naturopathy has recently been in demand again.