The Healing Dance

dervish danceMost people have experienced the feeling of peace and calm that overcomes the being when lost in the beauty of an art form.

Ancient traditions have used this to propagate energy and negate bad vibes.

Dance is one of the art form which can take a person to a higher level. Whether it is the dervish dance of Sufis in the Arabic world or be it the shamanic dance forms from Africa the ritual dancing is known as a not very orthodox form of healing.

The rhythmic chanting and studied movements accompanied by vibrant colors and beats are ancient ways of bringing the self closer.

When a person moves with the rhythm and slowly loses ones self in it, they are closer to themselves than they ever will be.

The rhythm and repetitive trance like dance is a traditional way to invite good energy and ward of evil vibes. The trance like conditions that are created, are acting as great healers of body problems as they calm and soothe the person helping the entire being fight the illness. These ritualistic dances have been a part of the ancient shamans worked who believed in their healing powers.

Most eastern cultures have these ritualistic dance forms and they are associated different types of healing rituals. The Buddhists say that dance helps you to invoke “mandalas” and help bringing the body in harmony. The Indian tradition speaks of chakras [chakra healing] being balanced to bring good health.

These, ancient shaman like, dance forms heal the soul and the body by bringing them into a balance and connecting them to the primal energies of the world, known from the times when modern medicine was but a dream.