The Most Beneficial Pranayam Techniques (Part 2)

Anulom VilomIn our last post we looked at the Pranayam techniques of Bhastrika and Kapal Bhati Pranayam; now we look at 5 other techniques that are most beneficial:

Bhaya: This Pranayam involves breathing out, touching the chin to the chest and then tightening each of the three particular spots: the throat, the stomach and the groin area.

Then slowly releasing the breath, each of these three ‘bands’ are also to be released. Each cycle should take about 15 seconds; do it for 3 minutes.

Anulom Vilom: This basically is alternate nostril breathing. Using the thumb of your right hand, close your right nostril, and breath in from the left nostril.

Remove the thumb and then closing your left nostril with your fingers, breathe out through your right nostril. Now breathe in again through the same nostril, i.e. the right and then breathe out through the left.

This Pranayam is seen to be particularly helpful for those with respiratory troubles or allergies. Asthma conditions in particular are greatly helped by this. Even arterial blockages can benefit and bad cholesterol can be lowered. Do it for 5 minutes which can then be increased.

Bhramri: Bhramri Pranayam is about looking inward and examining the self from within in a meditative state. The thumbs compress and shut the ears; the index finger rests on the brows and the other fingers on the side of the nose.

The breathing out is what is to be concentrated on. This is to be done with a humming sound that will reverberate within the head and concentrate your senses within.

This can help in centering and concentrating the mind and ridding it of tension, agitation high blood pressure etc. Do this between 10 and 21 times.

Udgeet: In the Hindu belief system, the sound of ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ is the sound of the universe and the sound that can uplift you to a spiritual plane. Udgeet Pranayam involves breathing in and out to the slow meditative chanting of Aum.

Pranav Pranayam: This involves achieving a meditative or spiritual state, while breathing normally. This is to make a person aware of being one with the universe, one with the maker and being part of all creation.

Pranayam is the method of cleansing the body internally by way of oxygenating it and the internal organs better and also helps center the mind and will towards good health and peace of mind. For more information about Pranayam and its curative effects, look here.