The Use Of White Noise To Aid Sleep

white noise therapySleep deprivation can have devastating effects on someone’s life.

It can lead to serious accidents and many fatal traffic accidents are caused by driver’s falling asleep at the wheel.

Sleep can be disrupted for a variety of reasons, stress and worry, street noise or a neighbor’s noisy dog. Many people resort to sleeping tablets but would much prefer to find a more natural solution.

A new alternative therapy that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of white noise. Often described as a flat sound, it is very soothing and works by drowning out other outside noises. The result is that only a very gentle hum can be heard by the patient.

Sound machines that emit the white noise can be used for babies suffering from colic and will solve the whole family’s problem of a lack of sleep.

A crying baby is known to be the hardest type of sound to try and sleep through.

Scientific studies have proved that the use of white noise is very effective. There is a wide variety of machines on the market to suit all budgets.

They are sometimes used to combat the problem of a snoring partner, this sounds quite amusing but it can lead to high levels of sleep deprivation.

Basic fans can be a highly effective white noise that produces the rhythmic sound of the motor and the fans covering other noises effectively.

Another purpose they have is to provide a relaxing environment to reduce stress levels, creating many benefits as well as a good night’s sleep. There are useful in the work place where they can reduce noise levels for employees creating a more convivial atmosphere to be in.